hi, my name is Morgan. I love talking to people & exploring new places & experiencing things of beauty. I love to read and think about the world and human nature and generally be outside, watch the sky change colors and be in any form of motion.

This is what I’m great at – falling in love. I have an enormous amount of passion, and my ability to attach myself to the newest thing I’ve been exposed to is one of my greatest strengths. I can often be found telling everyone I know about this incredible new thing I’m obsessed with. That’s the other thing I like to think I’m good at – communicating with people.

I made this blog as a place to organize the multitude of thoughts I had moved from my head to my keyboard, a way to hold myself accountable for the pages of notes I have accumulated. The idea was to create a platform to start creating from. I want to share myself through words I write, relate images and feelings through this website. I want to this to be a place I can grow as a person, share the struggles and experiences I have had, in a way that is real and authentic.

I hope you see me, here. I hope you can find a piece of yourself in me. Connection is what makes us feel alive – that’s what we’re here for, after all.